Understand VOCs VOC
Construction Materials
-Ammonia pollution from additives of concrete.
-Formaldehyde, benzene and TVOCs pollution from adhesive agents, water-proof materials and paints.
-Formaldehyde pollution from particle board.
Indoor Furniture
-Severe TVOCs pollution generated from disqualified furniture.
Some of VOC
Indoor Benzene pollution mainly comes from Benzene containing adhesives, paints, coatings, water proof materials, and thinners.
Group 1A carcinogen
Headache or leukemia is possible after excessive intake. Reproductive and central nervous system would be badly affected.
When pregnant women are exposed to Toluene, Xylene and Benzene mixtures, there will be an obvious increase in incidents of pregnancy syndromes such hypertension, nausea, anemia, or can even lead to miscarriages.
Organic solvents used in many construction materials, such as thinners and additives of different paints and water-proof materials, contain large amounts of toluene.
In our daily lives, toluene could be found in decorative materials, synthetic boards, adhesives, disinfections, and insecticides.
The acute toxicity of toluene is rather low. However, chronic intake of low concentration toluene leads to disruption in blood is as high as 1250mg/m3, there is a decline in short-term memory and attention span.